leading center for dermatology and laser as well as spine surgeries in Egypt and the region


leading center for dermatology and laser as well as spine surgeries in Egypt and the region


leading center for dermatology and laser as well as spine surgeries in Egypt and the region

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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is carried out at Mabella Clinics with the latest devices and technologies


Peeling is the removal of dead skin through two types, either chemical peeling or cold peeling


A filler is a dermal cosmetic procedure used to fill in lost volume


Nourishing the face with vitamins and maintaining its hydration and freshness


The latest innovation in micro-needling technology powered by a mechanical vibrating motion to create a device


(PRP) is used either for the face or for hair. Facial plasma: Rejuvenates the skin of the face and restores its freshness

Our clinic focuses on hiring healthcare professionals with the attributes and qualifications necessary to succeed in this role and we focus on investing in the development of our staff by providing ongoing training and workshops.

Laser hair removal is carried out in Mabella clinics with the latest devices and technologies from all over the world. We use the DECA device and the appropriate pulse strength is determined according to your skin type and color. The clinic provides you with the highest level of service with complete hygiene and privacy, you will feel the difference from the first session

Permanent hair removal – Less cost in the long run There is no need to wait for hair to grow before undergoing hair removal sessions – time saving – More gentle on the skin and less pain

Using the latest devices, such as the Decca device, at the hands of expert and specialized doctors without pain, burns or skin abnormalities, in addition to periodic follow-up after sessions

Plasma injection is one of the best cosmetic interventions because it does not contain any chemicals, and therefore no skin allergy is expected from this intervention. Plasma is one of the components of blood, where blood consists of red and white blood cells, platelets, and a transparent liquid. About extracting from your blood naturally, this will reassure you of the guaranteed method of treatment

We draw a sample of the patient’s blood and add an anti-coagulant, then put it in special tubes and enter the centrifuge, whose mechanism works to separate the components of the blood from each other, and more specifically, the red and white blood cells separate in a thick, viscous red liquid from the transparent plasma The liquid with all its components, then the plasma is withdrawn and used for injections Platelet-rich plasma is used to inject facial skin or hair

1- Scars and pits that form on the face as acne marks or old wound marks if they are not deeply sunken 2- Plasma is used to reduce the effects of aging and the associated sagging, such as skin weakness and loss of its freshness and smooth texture. 3- Supplying the lips and restoring their fresh appearance again 4- Reducing the effects of stress and dark circles around the eyes, or puffiness under the eyes as a result of wrong health habits 5- Re-growth of hair, after hair transplant operations, chin transplantation as well, as it stimulates hair growth again in poor areas of hair

It plays several roles inside the skin once it is injected under it. The benefits of plasma for the face come from platelets, whose main function is to treat and stimulate damaged tissues and produce new cells. While plasma contains proteins, vitamins and various minerals, it stimulates the skin and what is below it to produce collagen, helping the skin and stimulating it to return to its first state, restore its freshness and texture, and fill the hollows caused by wrinkles in it, so their appearance and impact on the general appearance of the skin is reduced. Plasma also helps to hide the pallor that appears on parts of the skin, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin regains its soft texture and rich texture that looks healthy.

When plasma is injected into the scalp, it renews cells and stimulates the production of collagen and protein, two substances that make up the second middle layer of the skin, which give the skin freshness and vitality. Therefore, this technique makes the scalp strong and healthy and has the ability to grow new hair and nourish it properly, in addition to the plasma that contributes to the inhibition of the hormone that causes hair loss. Therefore, plasma is used as a treatment routine after hair transplantation and genetic baldness for men and women

There are several benefits to be had from the hair injection process, which include: These injections treat hair loss as they stimulate the secretion of collagen, which helps stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. It treats hair breakage as it transports food to different areas of the body. Strengthen hair follicles and fix them in the scalp. Scalp treatment and regeneration. Plasma injections for hair help fill in the blanks in the scalp, caused by scars that hinder hair growth.

The patient’s own blood must be examined before being injected with plasma to ensure its hemoglobin level and that it is free from diseases and viruses because their presence in it may cause disease and infection. Instead of treating the facial skin, the injection will make it worse and a new problem will appear in it.

The use of plasma injections has not been proven to cause serious and serious harm so far, but plasma injections have minor and potential effects that disappear quickly with some important precautions that vary from one person to another that do not cause concern, including: Itching at the injection site. The presence of slight redness. Tingling and pain after the injection. It causes minor bruising of the skin. And all these simple symptoms can be overcome by using ointments that the doctor will prescribe for use after the injection.

Plasma injections range according to the number of times required for the case, the type of tubes and their quality, also according to the extent to which the case needs to be injected, whether the plasma is injected into the hair, face or even the lips.

The skin is divided from the epidermis and dermis, which contains fibroplast, which is the main cell in the production of collagen and is responsible for the health, freshness and plumpness of the skin, while elastin is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. With a lack of collagen and elastin, the skin loses its freshness and wrinkles appear in it. The skin becomes less able to do its job and appear properly, and with the remarkable medical development in cosmetic medicine, scientists discovered the ability of the laser to affect cells, increase their activity, and stimulate them to produce appropriate amounts of collagen and elastin. Fractional laser relies on creating small thermal points in the skin with a precise depth, and therefore the laser device stimulates the dermis layer to rebuild itself by reproducing collagen and elastin It depends on the idea of ​​focusing all the laser beams on a specific point or several points of the outer layer of the skin, and after a few weeks, the problems of the old skin with its defects disappear and the new skin appears and is more fresh, vibrant and beautiful. Fractional laser is used on any area of ​​the body and gives the same effect and result and is used in several Places like hands, neck, and face

1- Treatment of pits and scars caused by acne 2- Scars resulting from surgeries and burns 3- Skin pigmentation and pregnancy cost 4- Wrinkles around the eyes, face and neck resulting from age or weight loss and other multiple causes 5- Enlarged pores and their use 6- A routine to maintain and restore freshness, vitality and youth to the skin and to improve the texture of the skin and make it tight 7-Treatment of stretched skin resulting from weight gain or loss 8- Using a surgical scalpel, he removes acacia or birthmarks, moles, skin tags and sebaceous cysts.

At first, wide pores appear as a result of being clogged with fat with the accumulation of dead skin cells, which is what collects in hair follicles under the skin, and then pores appear larger than normal, which is clear on the face, and we can summarize the causes of wide pores in the following: Acne infection. Increased secretion of fat in the face. Not paying attention to peeling the face. Increased moisture in the face. Excessive exposure to sunlight. Enlarged pores may be the result of genetic factors. Hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. Excessive caffeine intake leads to dry skin. Not paying attention to healthy food. Exposure to extreme stress. Not paying attention to skin care.

  1. The fractional laser session begins with applying a local anesthetic cream to the area to be treated Passing the laser beams with the depth and length specified by the specialist doctor according to the patient’s condition and the size of the area to be treated. By shining laser beams on the targeted area, the laser beams will penetrate the outer layer and then the middle layer, and then collagen is stimulated, which is responsible for tightening the skin and giving it the required freshness. The first session of the fractional laser ends in a period not exceeding a quarter of an hour, and the patient applies medical creams specified by the doctor in order to calm the skin and prevent redness and swelling. By the end of the fractional laser session, the patient can resume his normal life and return to his home until the second session, so that what happened in the first session will be repeated.
    1. Applying medical creams, including antibiotics, moisturizers, and sunscreen Avoid exposure to the sun and heat Do not pull, scratch or rub the peel

Do you suffer from facial wrinkles? Botox injections! Does your face feel older due to signs of fatigue and tiredness? Try Botox injections! Botox injections have gained wide popularity in various countries of the world, and have become one of the most important cosmetic solutions to help women – and men as well – get rid of facial wrinkles and fine lines. In other words, Botox injections aim to restore and preserve the youth of the face for as long as possible. With the beginning of the appearance of Botox injections, famous actresses and actors turned to try it, and indeed the experiment succeeded and Botox became an essential part of plastic surgery. Later, Botox injections became available to the public everywhere at affordable prices.

Botox is a protein made from a type of poison, botulinum toxin, a toxin produced by bacteria known as Clostridium Botulinum, and exposure to this toxin causes food poisoning! Scientists discovered during their various research that the use of small and specific amounts of Botox loses its severe toxicity, and even offers many benefits, both on the medical and cosmetic level.

And because Botox causes the muscles to relax and prevent their contraction, this results in the treatment of signs of aging This is because laughing, grimacing or frowning, and constant exposure to tension, anxiety and nervous pressure work on contracting the muscles under the skin, most of them are the muscles between the eyebrows and the forehead.

In order to get rid of the exaggerated muscle movement, the doctor injects Botox in certain points on the face in order to relax these specific muscles and thus protect the skin from signs of aging The choice of Botox injection sites depends on the case of each individual, and these areas include: front Most wrinkles appear in the forehead area as it is the place most affected by facial expressions! Botox injections help hide horizontal forehead wrinkles. The area between the eyebrows Botox injections aim to hide the lines that appear between the eyebrows, known as the 111 . lines The area under the eyes Botox injections contribute to hiding the wrinkles that appear around the eyes, and in this case it is called Botox around the eyes. the chin Chin Botox treats visible wrinkles and also contributes to a sharp chin. the neck Botox relaxes the muscles in the neck, so they appear smoother. We must know that Botox injections do not treat neck sagging and do not contribute to the removal of fat from it. Benefits of Botox injections Everyone is aware that Botox injections are used cosmetically to treat facial wrinkles in general, but what many do not know is that there are a large number of medical uses for Botox, including the treatment of: Excessive sweating of the hands, feet and underarms. Gummy laugh Botox injections are used to prevent some types of severe migraine headaches. Botox is also used to beautify the shape of the nose by raising the tip of the nose and joining the two sides of the nose

Undergoing Botox injections is suitable for most women and men as long as the following conditions are met: Not suffering from any kind of allergy to any of the components of Botox injections. Absence of diseases associated with weakness – weakness – muscles. Good health and no chronic immune diseases Not suffering from bleeding problems and making sure to stop any fluid medications Do not smoke, as smoking contributes to an increase in the rate of wrinkles, in addition to its other damages! Over the age of thirty, doctors do not recommend the use of Botox injections with young women who have not yet reached thirty, unless they need it for an urgent need.

After undergoing the examination, the doctor determines the places required for Botox injections to restore the freshness and elasticity of the face, and also determines the number of Botox units to be used to achieve the desired result. The stages of the Botox injection process include: The patient is subject to the application of anesthetic cream, which is optional for the patient to reduce any feeling of pain throughout the procedure The doctor’s professionalism and experience is one of the most important reasons for the success of the Botox procedure. The doctor determines certain points on the patient’s face and distributes the Botox units according to muscle strength. His lack of skill may cause some problems that negatively affect the shape of the face The patient must keep his head upright and not lie down or sleep for 4 hours To ensure the continuation of the results of the operation and to avoid any side effects.

Botox injections are simple procedures that do not require a period of time The results of the Botox injections appear within seven days, and you can notice the final result after completing two full weeks. As a result of the Botox injections, it continues for five or six months, so the face appears fresh and free of wrinkles and lines that make you look older. Instructions to follow after Botox injections Do not lie down directly on the bed or lower the head after the injection for at least 4 hours. Avoid facial massage for any reason. Refrain from practicing any kind of sport on the day of the injection. Possible emergency symptoms of Botox injections Undergoing the Botox injection procedure, despite its simplicity, is associated with the emergence of some minor side effects that often disappear within a short period of two or three days at most from the date of the operation. These symptoms include: Swelling and redness, which are the main symptoms that always appear as a result of exposure to injections in more than one place on the face, and they do not cause any concern at all. Possible headache and dizziness. Swollen and drooping eyelids.

Some people think that Botox injections are an easy procedure that does not require accuracy, which is the main reason to avoid visiting a specialized plastic surgeon in order to undergo that procedure, and only visit a non-medical – and also unlicensed – beauty center to get treatment at a lower cost! Not relying on specialized cosmetic doctors causes a number of huge problems that may completely change the shape of the face! As we mentioned, to obtain the desired result, the doctor determines the places to be injected, in addition to determining the appropriate doses of Botox to achieve the desired result. Many are exposed to distortions in the shape of the face as a result of the wrong injection of Botox; Choosing an incorrect location or injecting a larger dose than required causes the muscles to be paralyzed incorrectly, which may make the face dry and frozen without showing any emotion! The specialist doctor discusses with his client to know the details of his condition, and also requests that he undergo a number of important tests to ensure that the procedure does not cause any health problems later on. You should also know that the results of Botox injections are continuous and can only be modified in the slightest, which requires choosing a specialized plastic surgeon with experience in performing this process. How long does Botox injections last? The main role of Botox injections is to get rid of minor wrinkles that appear on the face after reaching the age of thirty, and the results of Botox injections last for approximately 6 months, and when their effect ends, wrinkles may appear again on the face, so it is necessary to re-inject Botox. It is also necessary to know that Botox alone cannot treat facial wrinkles for those with deep wrinkles caused by aging, and it may require resorting to using fillers, undergoing face-lift operations, and so on. Are the results of Botox injections guaranteed? Here comes the role of the professional plastic surgeon in clarifying the expected results before undergoing Botox injections and how the results you imagine can be achieved.

The cost of the procedure depends on a number of factors, including: The type (brand) of Botox injection used. The number of places to be injected in the face, which affects the amount of Botox required. Experience of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure.

Some people confuse Botox injections with filler injections, and today we want to clarify the difference between them, and it’s big! Botox injections – as we mentioned – work to hide minor facial wrinkles by relaxing the expressive facial muscles, that is, which contribute to the appearance of facial expressions such as happiness, anger, and so on. On the other hand, filler injections fill the voids in the skin below the various wrinkles as a result of age or weight loss. We would like to remind you of the need to build realistic ambitions when resorting to Botox injections in order to get rid of wrinkles, and it is also necessary to go to a specialized and professional plastic surgeon in order to obtain excellent results without problems or errors.

After talking about the most common filler in the sessions of girls and women and its various uses in removing wrinkles, tightening the face and filling the lips, as well as removing dark circles We have to ask an important question, which is do you have enough information about the face filler in general? We need to clarify several important points What is a filler and what are its components? What are the advantages and disadvantages and what are the disadvantages.? What are the materials used in it? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What are the side effects of facial fillers? How is it used? And how do I get a filler injection for the face completely safely? By answering these questions, you will be fully aware of facial fillers, and this information may help you make your decision about using facial fillers.

Filling cheeks and contouring the face Treatment of dark circles and filling the cavity under the eyes Filling and supplying lips rhinoplasty Define and draw the jaw Full of wrinkles like a smile line

There are fillers extracted from natural sources, some of which are manufactured from chemical compositions, but both of them are considered safe materials and have been prepared under the supervision of specialists, and sufficient experiments have been conducted on them to ensure that no damage occurs after their use, and below we will present the materials that are used in Facial filler, and the features of each material. 1. Animal collagen: This type is extracted from animals, specifically cows, and it is one of the most common materials in use for facial fillers, and its advantages are that it becomes lower in costs than other materials, but one of the most important disadvantages and comes to the fore is the sensitivity to this animal protein, followed by the defects are The results do not last for a long time compared to other types. 2. Synthetic polymer: It is a substance that is chemically manufactured from several compounds that are completely safe on the skin. It is used to hide deep wrinkles and lasts about a year and a half and maybe more, but it is disadvantaged by its high costs. 3. Endogenous fat: It is fat extracted from the person’s own body, and one of its advantages is that it does not cause allergies to the person, as it is a completely natural substance that is not chemically treated. A quantity of fat is taken from another area of ​​the person’s body to be injected with the filler for the face in an operation Prior to the filler injection process, then the face fat is injected again. The disadvantage of this type of filler injection process is that it does not last as long as the industrial polymer, and it is also high in costs due to the presence of a previous process for the injection process, which is the process of extracting fat from another area of ​​the body. 4. Hydrolic acid: It is the most common and common type in use, due to its lower costs compared to auto-fats and polymers. It also does not cause allergies like collagen, and its results last from six months to a year.

The filler is used for the face by a specialized doctor after the doctor studies the points to be injected due to the anatomical shape of each face alike, and uses special syringes with fine needles suitable for use in different areas of the face, so the doctor distributes the filler material under the skin in different ways at points such as DYNA CODE These points are used to raise the face and tighten it more than filling it.

Yes, filler needles have recently appeared that lead to semi-permanent results. The results last for five years or more, but cosmetic doctors do not recommend them at all, because unknown materials are used, and sufficient tests have not been conducted on those materials to ensure that they do not harm the skin. . In addition, the few cases that had permanent facial filler injections had a large number of complications, such as changing the color of the skin after a period of injection, and the appearance of tumors and skin ulcers.

It is not possible to determine the type of filler material that is suitable for you on your own, but the patient must go to the specialized doctor, that is, you cannot go to the plastic surgeon and tell him, for example, that you prefer collagen injections to your face because you saw its wonderful results on your friend or that it is suitable for your budget, only the doctor can determine The type of filler material that is right for you, because every skin is different. By doing several analyzes and a virtual examination on the face, the doctor can determine the type of filler injection that is suitable for your face, which will definitely be the best for you in terms of results and avoiding risks.

The filler has many advantages that make it a preferred option among many young women and girls as well, and these features are: • Quick results: You can see the results immediately after the injection. • Great results: If you are looking for a wrinkle-free and naturally plump face, then facial filler injections are the right choice for you. • It does not require anesthesia: the injection does not usually cause pain, but a local anesthetic cream can be used before the filler injection process for the face. • Safety: Injecting the face with fillers is one of the safe procedures to a large extent, as it is non-surgical and does not need anesthesia, and the materials used in it are safe as we mentioned earlier. • It does not cause inflammation: the most important features of the facial filler, as the material used is easy and fast to absorb. • Low costs: Compared to face-lift operations, or cosmetic surgeries in general, facial filler needles are very economical in their costs.

Despite the many advantages of the filler, it has drawbacks, but they are considered minor defects compared to its many benefits and advantages, and the most famous of these defects are the non-permanent results. The results of facial filler injections last between four months and up to two years at best, then the doctor sets another date to re-inject the filler so that you always maintain your attractive appearance.

Any cosmetic procedure, even if it is non-surgical, can have damages and complications, and as for the filler injections for the face, it is a safe procedure as we emphasized before, but this procedure may involve damages or complications that can occur. These complications often occur because of who is doing the injections and the difference in anatomical paths in a small percentage of people, and I will not say here because of the plastic surgeon, because there are unfortunately those who perform the filler injection process for the face and he is not a doctor in the first place, clinics or places of unknown origin have recently spread It does not have the licenses and provides cosmetic services at the lowest level of quality, at much lower costs than the licensed medical clinics, and perhaps the lack of costs is the motivation for some people to come to get the filler procedure for the face in unreliable places, and the result is disastrous without exaggeration. Submission to such a procedure must be under the hands of a specialized and experienced doctor who holds experience certificates and a license to practice medicine, in order to put your full confidence in him and give the injection without worry or fear of adverse results or complications, and here it is necessary to emphasize the importance of the doctor’s experience and that he chooses the right material and type The owner of high quality, despite the ease of performing the filler injection procedure for the face, but it needs accuracy, skill and experience from the doctor in order for the procedure to come with the best results and without side effects or potential damage. And we will show some of the facial filler damage that can occur as a result of the inexperience of the plastic surgeon, or that the person performing the injections is not a doctor: • The appearance of permanent bruises that do not go away, or the occurrence of lumps under the skin: This is due to the lack of distribution of the substance in appropriate quantities in the right places. • The occurrence of granulomas: It is a result because the skin treats the material used in the filler as a foreign body, so the immune system fights it, but this does not happen except rarely, and this is in the event that the filler material used is of the cheap types that have not been widely tested by recognized bodies for this. The plastic surgeon must be highly experienced and honest to be able to determine the right material for you. • Blindness: It is a very serious complication that occurs when the filler is injected into the area around the eyes, and the fine arteries in this area are blocked, leading to blindness. • The emergence of severe skin allergy: It often occurs when using animal collagen, so we stress the need to do an allergy test before using this substance. • Abnormalities in the face: as a result of injecting the material used in the filler in a larger amount than necessary and thus leads to undesirable results. • Paralysis of the facial muscles: This is also due to the wrong injection of the filler so that it affects the nerve and leads to muscle paralysis.

Perhaps you may have some anxiety after seeing the damages and complications of the filler, but do not let that make you rule out this procedure entirely, despite all those damages that can occur as a result of filler injections, but if you follow some simple instructions you can get all those advantages it offers You have a facial filler. The most important thing that you can do is to check the choice of the treating doctor, as getting amazing results with the least possible damage depends on the plastic surgeon. Choose a doctor with experience and skill, and you should not neglect the medical tests that the doctor asks you to do before performing the injection.

In recent times, the use of fillers by men has increased, and defining the jaw and chin was one of the most common uses. Fillers were also used to improve under-eye circles and beautify the nose.

Many women dream of tight and wrinkle-free skin, so women need extreme skin care, but the problems of saggy facial skin and wrinkles begin to attack the face after the age of forty or even earlier in some cases. But your chance of tightening youthful skin was not missed forever, so now you can easily resort to the face-lift technique with threads that enables you to maintain the youth and radiance of your skin for a longer period. In the article, we will learn everything you need to know about this technique and the best doctor for thread lift.

It is a non-surgical procedure in which surgical threads made of certain materials are implanted into the face in a specific direction and a specific technique to hide facial wrinkles, tighten and draw the face. The surgical sutures used dissolve after a period of time from their placement, and the body breaks them and we renew them after the removal of their effect. These leads give two effects: • Mechanical effect, where the skin is actually lifted on this thread that was placed in the face and the patient notices the result in the same session • Medical effect, as these threads stimulate the healing process of the skin, as small wounds occur upon penetration, which stimulate the skin cells to produce more collagen that works to tighten and rejuvenate the face. Collagen is a protein responsible for the freshness of the skin. Its production in the body decreases by 80% after the age of 70 years. The lack of collagen is responsible for wrinkles, sagging and skin slackening, so it is pulled down by gravity. Sagging cheeks and lines around the mouth and eyebrows begin to appear. In other words, we can define the process of lifting the face with threads as a process of continuous renewal of the strength of skin tightening and showing it in a more youthful and radiant way. The presence of the threads in their place stimulates the skin cells continuously the process of building collagen, as the body is programmed in this way and the presence of any foreign body in the body that the body seeks to expel and this makes the healing process continues. The patient does not feel the presence of the thread as long as it is under the skin, and the duration varies according to the different type of surgical thread used. These sutures can be used to tighten the neck and chest area as well.

  • The doctor numbs the area where the threads will be inserted with a local anesthetic after sterilizing it with alcohol. The sutures are inserted under the skin through a cannula that implants the sutures. The surgeon attaches the skin to this thread instead of performing surgery to remove excess loose skin. This takes from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The cannula is pulled and you can go home on your own.
  • You should stick to a pain reliever if you feel any pain afterwards. Your doctor will then advise you not to rub your face violently or sleep on your cheeks for a while. Avoid skin moisturizers for at least a week after a thread lift. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun for a week. Avoid intense exercise.

1- Polydioxanone PDO Polyester thread is one of the most popular surgical threads used in surgeries. It persists in the body and then dissolves after 6 months. It has several types such as: • The mono PDO thread: a single thread that works to tighten the skin by stimulating the production of collagen. • PDO cogo thread: a thread in the shape of fish hooks to create more precise cuts under the skin and get a better result. • Screw PDO thread: a knotted thread whose idea is like the idea of ​​a cog thread. 2- Polylactic acid PLA yarn • Newer thread than polydioxanone. • Stimulates a greater amount of collagen. • It remains on the face for 12 months. 3- Polycaprolactone PCA filament The same features as polylactic acid threads, but stays on the face for a longer period of 18 months. The price of the session is determined by the number of threads to be used and the type of threads themselves

Peeling, whether cold or chemical peeling improves the appearance of the skin as it exfoliates a layer of the skin and It also regenerates skin cells and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin While there are types of peeling that have the ability to remove acne and scars, eliminate spots and dark circles under the eyes, melasma and freckles, large pores and other skin problems. Areas for which peeling is suitable Areas with acne scars If you suffer from the effects of acne or dark spots in an area of ​​your body, or even if you suffer from some of the old effects of acne and want to change the appearance of your skin, but you should know that chemical peeling is the best solution for you. What is chemical peeling and its damages and Its benefits and does it have any side effects on the skin and how is chemical peeling done? If the face has non-deep curse pills and some unwanted dark circles or even to lighten the color of the skin, then superficial and deep peeling is appropriate to solve these problems, as for deep chemical peeling in the case of deep wrinkles in the skin

The face is cleaned well with soap and water, then with medical materials to cleanse the face and prevent infection, then apply a local anesthetic which is an ointment. In the case of deep and medium chemical peels, the patient may need more than one session. The chemical is distributed to certain small parts and remains on the skin for 15 minutes and then removed immediately.

The technique of chemical peeling has been specially developed for those who suffer from skin problems and their condition does not require surgery or other cosmetic procedures. Chemical peeling works to renew skin cells, and its results are clear in terms of removing spots, scars, acne and wrinkles. The initial results begin to appear after the second session of peeling, and the final results appear after a period of two to four months at the latest

The slight feeling of some redness and temporary skin irritation, but it quickly disappears by following the advice of the cosmetic and dermatologist.

You should not be exposed to direct sunlight completely for at least 3 days, in order to maintain the results of chemical peeling. Creams and ointments prescribed by a cosmetic and dermatologist must be used regularly, with complete avoidance of using cosmetics and make-up for a period of time. Determined by the physician

Using the latest techniques without pain at the hands of the specialized cosmetic experts in the clinic to ensure the best results

The latest innovation in micro-needling technology powered by a mechanical vibration movement to create a needle device that creates micro-injuries in the epidermis of the skin.

Features of dermapen Work on the freshness and revival of the skin Remove scars and pits Remove skin pigmentation and dark spots Treatment of large pores Maintaining youthful skin and tightening the face Hair loss treatment remove emojis Advantages of the Dermapen at Mabella Clinics Using the best tools at the hands of beauticians, taking into account sensitive skin without pain or facial irritation while stimulating blood circulation for hair

The problem starts with the sebaceous glands of the skin. The secreted fat travels in a channel called the follicle (which also contains the hair) to be excreted on the surface of the skin via the follicle opening, or pore. Hair, fat, and cells along the narrowed follicle may form a plug that clogs the pores, preventing oil from reaching the surface of the skin. This combination of lipids and cells allows the bacteria that normally live on the skin to thrive in the closed follicles. Then the immune system in the body will move to fight the bacteria, which leads to inflammation of the area. If this plug remains under the skin, it will form a white bump called a whitehead. And if it reached the surface of the skin and opened, it will lead to the appearance of blackheads. Both white and black heads remain in the skin for a long time. Eventually, the blocked follicle wall will rupture, resulting in pimples or pimples. The main cause of acne is an increase in certain hormones during adolescence. These hormones cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more fat. The hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, premenopause, and stress – especially if the stress is internal – also have a role in the emergence of pimples.

When a wound heals, it leaves behind a trace of pigmentation on the skin. The reason is that each pimple causes tissue loss or formation during the healing process. Tissue loss leaves behind less severe scars, while formation of newer, thicker tissue leads to harder scars.

Acne treatment is as much about understanding each person’s skin as it is based on medical techniques and treatments. Building on the invaluable knowledge we have gathered at Kaya about how skin works, the largest team of dermatologists in the region is constantly working on creating customized approaches, tailored to each individual’s nature. We combine pharmaceutical therapy with advanced formulations and technology to offer a line of treatments that are truly effective against acne. Take a closer look through the search box below. In general, Kaya acne solutions seek to deal with the roots of the problem that causes acne and deal with the factors that lead the skin to develop this problem, so it is based on alleviating the excessive production of sebum (sebum), exfoliating the skin to prevent clogged pores, and taking the necessary precautions to prevent Inflammation, thus reducing the severity of pimples. Hormonal medications may be prescribed if necessary. The treatment of acne scars focuses on getting rid of existing damage and scars, while at the same time preventing any new scars from forming. The treatment includes exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, pollution impurities and damaged skin, helping to treat scars while thoroughly cleansing the skin. The peeling is followed by a laser treatment that penetrates the skin and reshapes the scars to reach the desired goal, that is, beautiful, clear skin.

Acne can be a stubborn opponent, which requires perseverance and commitment. The number of sessions varies depending on the degree of acne and the treatment prescribed for you. After several sessions you will start to see visible results on the texture and condition of your skin, it will look cleaner and more radiant, while you will see that the scars are significantly reduced. As for post-treatment care, a role is no less important than the treatment itself. Because acne is linked to hormonal changes, you should stick to the treatment and take care of a regular maintenance regimen to ensure results. Well-known wisdom says, age is just a number. But as we age, we will begin to understand that this number also applies to the number of wrinkles, age spots, and other indicators that reveal the true number of our age. Although aging is inevitable, it is reassuring to know that adequate skin care, when applied in the right way, helps control the visible effects of aging. In any case, you definitely want to renew your appearance and look two, three, or more years younger than your real age and take control of your skin age. As you carry out your skin duties, it is useful to know the subtleties of the aging process, which takes a different form at each age stage. Aging works on two levels – internal and external. The nature of their work differs greatly. Intrinsic aging refers to the structural changes that occur beneath the surface of the skin, which translate into changes in the features of your face over the years. Your genes greatly influence these changes, and how they affect your appearance. As for the external aging, it is related to the external factors that stimulate it, such as lifestyle, exposure of the skin to pollutants and ultraviolet rays. The natural movement of the skin also plays a big role. Over time, as each person takes his own style and shape, so do facial expressions

Let’s talk about the stages of the story gradually. Young skin is tight, elastic and streak-free. Fat in the face helps the cheeks to stand out, making them soft, smooth and shiny. But with age, the skin becomes thinner and loses its elasticity, which leads to the appearance of fine wrinkles, especially in the area of ​​the eyes and mouth, such as wrinkles around the eyes, laugh lines and smiling lines. Fat loses its volume over the years, so wrinkles appear on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and in the folds between the nose and mouth more clearly. The size of the muscles will also decrease, and the eyes and cheeks will increase inwardly. As for the decrease in muscle tone, it manifests itself in a decrease in the definition of the face at the chin line.

While medical science has not yet been able to reverse the process of aging, it has given us tools to control its obvious effects that will make major changes to improve the quality of life. At Kaya Clinic, age control solutions are centered on four primary goals: rebuilding volume, reducing wrinkles, restoring the shape of the face, and rejuvenating the complexion. Understanding the nature of the skin is as important as the treatments and techniques used by anti-aging solutions. With the extensive experience we have accumulated over the years, our team – one of the largest team of dermatologists in the region – works to create specialized treatments, tailored to each person. The latest medical advances, cutting-edge Kaya products and technology – together – to create truly effective touches In the face of aging skin. Take a closer look at our services through the search box below.

Over time, the face loses its fat and fullness in several places, the most visible are the cheeks, lips and eyebrows. The cheeks flatten and sag, which leads to the appearance of the folds between the nose and lips, the labial commas (the folds just under the corners of the mouth) and then the jowls (sagging skin below the chin line). The area under the eyes will also appear slack. Meanwhile, the eyebrows above the eyes You will appear more prominent. As for the solution, without a doubt, lies in restoring the lost volume through fillers. Hyaluronic acid, a complex sugar found in many tissues, is the filler used in this treatment. And since this acid is responsible for fattening the skin in all cases, the body’s acceptance of it will occur naturally. This makes it the most suitable choice for contouring the face. The pattern of fat loss varies from person to person, so the solutions required will vary. At Kaya Clinic, we use a wide choice of fillers that help us design solutions tailored to each person’s needs, based on a complex set of factors including the targeted facial area and the volume to be restored. Our doctors use their expertise to choose the right filler and inject the right amount at the exact points to get the desired results. The results last from 6-12 months, depending on the degree of absorption of the filler by the body. This process can be repeated according to the customer’s need. The process also has far-reaching effects, as this procedure causes a “micro-damage” that stimulates collagen production, so the skin will look better than it was before.

Our facial muscles work at a constant pace. We smile, frown, or raise our eyebrows. We stare at screens in focus all day long. Over time, these repeated contractions of the facial muscles, which lead to skin contractions, will enhance these facial expressions and form permanent lines. How do we reverse the appearance of wrinkles? The solution is to reverse the same process that caused it to appear in the first place. This is exactly what Botox® does. Botox®, a golden anti-aging eyeliner, is used to smooth wrinkles around the eyes, frown lines and horizontal lines on the forehead and neck. Applied by the dermatologist as a solution injected with micro-needles, Botox® relaxes spasm facial muscles by making them lose their ability to contract. While this technique has proven to be unquestionably effective and safe, this process remains both an art and a science. Our doctors’ skill lies in applying the right touches in the right places, thus preserving the natural expressions of the face. The results of Botox® will appear immediately, and they will improve even more as it settles on the face. The fresh look you will get will last between 6 to 8 months, depending on your body chemistry. This process can be repeated to maintain the youthful appearance.

As the years progress, facial features tend to loosen and sag. The reason is due to the deterioration of the inner framework that supports the skin as a result of the decrease in collagen production, so the face fat decreases and its muscles begin to slacken. The effects of aging appear especially in the lower half of the face, which leads to the face losing its youthful, defined appearance, so it appears oblong in shape. With recent advances in non-surgical techniques, we have the means to devise a new method for contouring the face. This method is called a thread lift, and it offers two main benefits. Firstly, it is a less invasive procedure than surgery. Secondly, it is a technique that effectively rebuilds the internal support system to restore the facial contours from the inside. The result is a soft, yet stable and progressive evolution that gives the face a fresh look rather than a sudden change. This technique uses bio-absorbable, single-stranded medical electrodes made of polydioxanone (PDO), which are inserted under the skin in the areas to be tightened. The threads not only lift the face, but also stimulate collagen synthesis around the thread insertion areas by activating the body’s natural repair mechanisms. This means going back in time to an era before collagen production decreased. Also, the operation does not leave any traces as the stitches are fine and the stitches are not visible. There are many types of yarn used, such as Silhouette Soft and Barb, as well as fine or suspension. Your doctor will choose what is right for you based on your needs.

As age-related skin blemishes begin to appear and the skin loosens up, it is essential to help the skin cope with these changes. At Kaya, we focus on skin’s innate ability to regenerate, for long-lasting repair, visible damage reversal, and continuous renewal. The Meso-Brightening Solution stimulates the repair process by creating a “therapeutic bullet” enriched with vitamins, injected into the mesoderm – the middle layer of the skin. Then the skin does its magic, repairing these targeted areas. Skin cells are metabolically active, repairing connective tissue, activating collagen production and accelerating elastin production. Back on the surface of the skin, it’s time for a change. The carbon laser polishes damaged skin in selected areas, layer by layer. While it helps the appearance of new skin, it also helps re-activate collagen production. Kaya Doctors can also give collagen an even more energizing boost with E-Matrix, which directs energy below the surface of the skin to work at the level of the deeper layers. Together, these technologies treat sagging skin and wrinkles, and revitalize and reshape the subcutaneous fat layer. If the skin can be stimulated to repair itself continuously, the treatment will have lifelong results. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment activates growth factors in your blood, to speed up the generation of tissue cells. In short, your body and skin will be your effective partners in the renewal process.

The aging process begins deep in the DNA. These physical and partial changes may take years to appear in the form of visible signs, so most people notice the effects of aging late after the damage has come a long way. And here comes your role, making a serious decision in cooperation with your doctor. It’s important to start early, as the main principle is to take control, rather than taking tense and frantic steps to fight aging. Post-treatment care is just as important as the treatment itself. Your doctor will recommend a range of advanced Kaya skincare products, such as Derma Stem Cells based Derma Stem Cells range, to keep the effect of professional medical care going. All you have to do is stick to a regular maintenance regime for the beautiful results that you will get. Written by expert dermatologists from Kaya A topic that needs a little explanation. Most people from time to time, as a result of fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, or without a specific reason, look in the mirror to see two pairs of eyes surrounded by two dark rings. The cause may be unknown as there is a wide range of causes for the appearance of dark circles that must be considered. Dark circles do not represent any health risk, but it is a condition that affects a person’s confidence in himself and his appearance, as well as one’s reassurance about his health.

The most delicate skin is the skin around the eyes, and as a result of this smoothness and sensitivity, the first signs of body disorder will appear. It is also the first to be exposed to the effects of time and lifestyle, and the least to resist environmental influences. The first reasons for the appearance of these halos are age and genetics. Over time, the skin begins to dry out and lose its elasticity, muscles weaken, and some lines and cysts begin to appear around the eyes. As the skin becomes thinner, the skin will appear transparent, which in turn will make the blood vessels more visible and this is one of the forms of dark circles. Sometimes these vessels dilate and the capillaries weaken, causing blood cells to leak. While these damages occur in a very simple way and do not represent any danger, they will give a violet color under the eye. Lack of sleep and fatigue is one of the factors of dark circles as well. It makes the skin under the eyes more pale, which makes the blood under the skin appear in a darker color, which will appear clearly under the thin skin under the eyes. Hormonal changes, especially during pregnancy, may be a cause of dark circles, such as anemia, allergies, dehydration and nutritional deficiencies.

While you can avoid the causes of dark circles by changing your lifestyle, these measures will not have much effect on dark circles if they do appear. Here comes the role of dermatologists to find solutions that help get rid of these dark rings. Understanding the nature of the skin is as important as the techniques and treatments used. At Kaya, we have accumulated a wealth of scientific knowledge about the nature of the skin’s work, and by applying them by the largest team of dermatologists in the region, Kaya was able to create specialized treatment methods designed to meet the specific needs of each individual’s skin. We have combined Kaya Pharmaceutical therapies and advanced care products, with technology to offer a truly effective line of treatment to get rid of dark circles. Take a closer look at our solutions through the search box below

Expect visible results while this treatment works to reduce dark circles, but be aware that they may recur. So commitment is the solution. You’ll need follow-up sessions and a proper lifestyle to keep these dark circles out of your eyes. Our hands and feet reveal a lot about our age and sometimes they can add a few years to the actual number. And the impact you’re making here, is huge. Young hands and feet are soft, plump and uniform in color. While the hands and feet become visible with age, their veins are visible, their appearance is flabby or their bones are prominent, and their color begins to differ from one region to another with the presence of wrinkles for sure. The hands and feet are the two engines of the body. They carry out daily tasks and carry heavy weights. However, pressure and stress may leave its impact on them, leaving damage here and there on the skin and the underlying tissues. Also, age factors have a faster effect because these two areas are the most exposed areas of the body to the sun without protection.

It is easy to guess why they are more affected by the factors of time than the rest of the body. Although they are the two organs most exposed to sunlight, pollutants, harsh chemicals and other environmental factors, they usually get the least amount of care, and one tends to neglect their skin’s need, except for some moisturizer at best. It is noticeable that most people take care of their facial skin with anti-aging products, while the skin of the hands and feet has to wait. This is simply a huge mistake. Because the skin not only shows signs of aging faster than the face, but it also ages faster than the face. This is because the skin on the outside of the hands and feet is much thinner than the skin of the face, and with the lack of fat in this area, the first signs of collagen and elastin breakage are clearer. Aging targets the support structure under the epidermis. The layer of fatty tissue under the skin loses its volume, and the thickness of the fat pad, which gives the hands and feet their soft and plump appearance, decreases. The decreasing size of this cushion exposes the spaces between the veins, tendons, and bones underneath. This, in turn, makes the skin that was once tight, become thinner and lose its elasticity. These weak skin cells will lose their ability to retain moisture and are more prone to hyperpigmentation, changing skin color from one area to another and showing spots.

Kaya Hand and Foot Rejuvenation Solutions reverse the impact of time through a combination of procedures focused on three primary goals: restoring plumpness under the skin, restoring elasticity, and rejuvenating the skin. Understanding the nature of the skin is as important as the techniques and treatments used. At Kaya, we have collected a wealth of information about the nature of skin and how it works. Applying this knowledge, the largest team of dermatologists in the region worked to create specialized methods, tailored to each individual’s need. We have combined fillers, PPR with advanced peeling formulas and technology to offer a well-deserved treatment line. Take a closer look at treatments through the search box below

What your skin lost must be compensated. The treatment is based on replacing the lost fat pad under the skin with dermal fillers, based on hyaluronic acid, which is a natural filler. It is actually a building block of the skin and is found in connective tissues throughout the human body. This filler has an amazing ability to attract and retain moisture. Our experts will fill in the spaces between the tendons and vessels, leaving hands and feet feeling fuller and smoother. Re-elasticity: To enhance the survival of the dermal filler and support the suppleness of the skin, it is necessary to stimulate collagen production. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) activated solution is the ideal choice. It gradually and progressively increases healthy new tissue and collagen production through your body’s natural ability to regenerate to reverse the visible effects of aging. Skin Rejuvenation: A combination of peels and carboxy therapy that targets wrinkles and signs of aging. It eliminates hyperpigmentation spots and restores a young, unified complexion, while at the same time reducing wrinkles

You will see the results of the treatment directly on the skin of your feet and hands. You’ll look smoother and more plump, and your skin will look tighter. Also, noticeable results will continue to appear over time as the body’s natural renewal mechanism continues to operate over the next several sessions. Your doctor will decide what sessions you’ll need to keep your hands and feet looking their best. The lips are the most prominent and expressive features of the face. They are the means to express feelings and formulate words. And being an essential element in the outward appearance, they are reflected in the confidence of the person in his appearance and his dealings with those around him. In the language of dermatologists, the lips are the transitional point between the skin of the face and the smooth inner line of the mouth. The concentration of blood vessels in the dermis gives the lips their colour, as they can be seen through the thin, transparent skin of the lips, which is one-third the thickness of the skin in the rest of the face. The curves of the lips are the result of the highly folded dermis layer, which is not found in any other area of ​​the body. Just as every person has a special fingerprint, he also has a special and unique lip print in terms of curves, prominence, folds, and roundness.

Youth and fullness. The two attributes of perfect lips. Although lips follow the ever-changing fashion, full, soft, and attractive lips remain the definition of young lips. With the decrease in collagen production, the lips lose their volume and become thinner, while the lines begin to appear in the form of cracks that appear more clearly when using lipstick. Also, the color of the lips gradually fades. There is no doubt that genetics play a big role in determining the shape of your lips at birth and how they will develop later on. Your lips may be beautiful in nature, but they respond incorrectly to environmental factors and lifestyle. Or you’ve always dreamed of fuller defined lips, or a more vibrant color. The good news is that you can change the shape of your lips and get the look you want. You can control things, that is, control the effects of genes and nature.

color, shape. texture. These are the three basic criteria that give lips their identity. By working with Kaya’s specialist doctors, you can focus on these three criteria to reshape your lips as desired. The team of Kaya Doctors, the largest gathering of dermatologists in the region, has dedicated decades of collective experience to developing Kaya’s lip sculpting technique, the beautiful union of art and science. With in-depth experience drawn from years of work and research, they have created specialized techniques to suit the needs of every skin. By combining fillers with advanced laser technologies, peels and a wide range of Kaya skin care products, you will get the result you dream of. Take a closer look at Kaya’s lip sculpting solutions through the search box below

Kaya lip sculpting is an innovative lip reshaping technique that combines the latest technology with cosmetic techniques. This technology aims to achieve three primary benefits. First the alluring fullness through expertly contouring. Secondly, silky smoothness through deep conditioning. Third, the refreshing, natural and uniform color by reflecting the influences of time and lifestyle. drawing or selection The main purpose of this treatment is to modify the size of the lips and change their appearance. Using specialized fillers that are easily accepted by the body, the doctor will reshape the shape of the lips and restore the fullness and prominence of the young lips. Results will last 6-8 months depending on how quickly your body absorbs the filler. The process can be repeated as needed. the color The lips lose their natural and fresh color as a result of the factors of time, and through exposure to external conditions; Such as pollution, smoking, sunlight, caffeine stains, or as a result of dehydration. Color restoration depends on exfoliating the cumulative effects of everything that the lips have been exposed to, to restore the original vibrant color hidden inside. Kaya doctors will apply specialized peels to exfoliate, remove impurities and deeply moisturize. And a carboxy laser or a Q-switch laser to lighten and brighten the color of the lip by removing pigmentation and rejuvenation. texture Lines appear as time progresses, and lips are no exception. Indentations and wrinkles develop, and are more noticeable when lipstick is applied. Soft lines begin to form around the circumference of the mouth and are more pronounced when speaking or expressing. The loss of collagen deepens the appearance of these lines. As a procedure to reflect these changes, the doctor will use touches of hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm to fill in these lines.

Although Mabila lip sculpting is a gentle and non-invasive procedure, the lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the body, so you will feel some change, or some discomfort that will quickly disappear. The results of treatment are what we should focus on. As our doctors put it: Everyone will notice the change, but no one will know the secret. Kaya Lip Sculpting will leave you with gentle, sustainable and highly satisfying results. The lips will not only become more youthful, but you will have a drawn smile and more interactive expressions when expressing and speaking. That is, the corners of your mouth will have a nice upgrade to the top, because when you will then look at the reflection of your face in the mirror, you will see a wide smile of satisfaction, which is what Kaya always strives to offer you.

Pigmentation is nature’s way of protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Exposure to sunlight stimulates skin cells to produce melanin, the brown pigment. Melanin absorbs or scatters radiation to protect the skin’s DNA from UV rays, as well as against skin cancer (melanoma) and other conditions associated with excessive exposure to sunlight. The amount of melanin in the skin determines its color and tone. The more melanin production increases, the darker the skin tone. Uniform epidermis refers to an even distribution of epidermal protective melanin in the upper layer of the epidermis, the dermis, and this is usually the case in young skin.

If pigmentation is such a good thing, why does one of nature’s most intelligent defense mechanisms get so out of hand? Sunlight, aging and genetics are factors that cause melanin production to accelerate. This condition is called hyperpigmentation (from the Latin hyper: excessive or excessive). In short, hyperpigmentation manifests as freckles, age spots, uneven skin tone and other skin conditions, which we will consider in detail. So while pigmentation is a natural and important condition, hyperpigmentation is what you need to avoid. forms of hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation occurs when the skin becomes more sensitive to the elements. Skin cells are damaged by excessive exposure to UV rays, which disrupts the production and distribution of melanin. This leads to an uneven distribution of melanin and its accumulation on the surface of the dermis. As a result, the skin tone is no longer uniform and dark, and dark spots will begin to appear. In fact, certain areas begin to produce more melanin than others, which leads to the appearance of dark areas.

Ultraviolet radiation is one of the causes of hyperpigmentation, as is ageing. Usually the cause is a combination of these two reasons. That is why the methods of treating pigmentation differ greatly from one individual to another. Our solutions are as much about understanding each person’s skin as they are about techniques and treatments. At Kaya, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about how skin works. Applying this knowledge, the largest team of dermatologists in the region work to create customized treatment approaches, tailored to the needs of each skin. In Kaya, pharmaceutical treatments have combined with Kaya’s advanced products and technology to provide an effective treatment line in the treatment of pigmentation.

Damage control and damage reversal are the basic principles of pigmentation treatment. Kaya doctors have developed a unique integrated approach that combines laser technology with advanced peels, and a range of skin care products that work at the cellular level. The treatment strategy is to penetrate deep into the skin and target the heart of the problem – melanin deposits. This is exactly what laser pigmentation technology does. Without causing any discomfort to the skin, the laser penetrates the skin to break down the melanin into tiny parts, which are subsequently eliminated by the body through the immune and lymphatic system. Back at the surface, carefully selected chemical peels smooth and refine surface skin by clearing it of dead cells and stimulating new ones to emerge and work. During its work, it will break pigmentation and activate collagen production, for a comprehensive renewal.

Yes, your uniform skin tone can be restored. Skin can be lightened. Hyperpigmentation can be reversed. But so far, there is no treatment that prevents the mechanism of hyperpigmentation from working. We are finally talking about the body’s natural reaction to sunlight. That is why there is a long talk about the procedures that you must follow to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, with a high degree of protection sunscreen and a hat or any other means to cover the skin. Follow your doctor’s directions for post-treatment care.